Which Bedroom Type Are You?

Which Bedroom Type Are You?


The bedroom is any person’s personal haven. The way a bedroom is designed reflects the personality of the owner. Even the color choice and the type of mattress to be used is all very personal to the user of the room.

This first bedroom is modern yet simple at the same time. There is a sense of sophistication and elegance in the choice of furnishings. The use of wood and lighting is dramatic and subdued, giving us a peek into the owner’s love for the simple yet finer things in life.


This bedroom is quirky and modern at the same time. The choice to design the cabinets in a 3D effect as well as the materials used helped the bedroom achieve a larger appeal. By installing the lights near the headboard and the cabinets, one gets the feeling that the owner likes things that are balanced symmetrically and designed in artful manner.


The moment you enter this bedroom, you instantly know that the owner has a penchant for the finer things in life. The materials used to design the bedroom and the overall concept which is close to a sophisticated Victorian taste exudes that feeling. The soft headboard blended well with the light wood and the lighting.


There is a play in color and texture in this bedroom The purple borders and frames add  the  life and creativity while the geometric lines in one wall partition make the room artsy. The white shiny panels give off a feeling of modern chic while the side sofa adds more depth to the room. The owner played with texture to give the bedroom an edgy appeal.


This bedroom is simple yet classy. The use of wood in light colors help give the room a nice, cozy feeling. The illuminated headboard makes the bed look larger and the use of white as the main color for the cabinets fused with neutral beige and light brown gave the room an elegant look.


This bedroom is also refined and sophisticated in taste. The choice to use a lot of texture through the carpet, chandelier and the wooden headboard gives the room the rich vibe it is going for. The large mirror blended well with the chairs and the big picture windows added the depth to the whole space.

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