Scandi-industrial homes are quite the rage these days with home owners. Majority of them ask their designers to design their apartments in a way that is stylish, yet fuss-free at the same time. The challenge at times is when home owners ask for a twist in the concept so their apartment can stand out from the rest.

This home in particular is Scandi-industrial in look and feel but one  can also see Western influences in the design, here and there. The living area alone looks very spacious and Westernized with the white sofa and plush carpet. Ornaments and home decor are also Western in approach and placement, making the space stand out.


The second living area also takes the same concept. With grey and white as the main color, the space looks chic and trendy and the decor makes the place look lived-in and homey. Lighting is apt and appropriate with the color scheme.


The bedroom is lovely and a masterpiece in its entirety. The headboard can be considered the feature decor making the room stand out. Unlike other areas of the house, the room is devoid of  too many home decors, ensuring a more relaxing feel for the person who owns the room.


The second bedroom has a more quirkier and Western feel and approach to the design. Even the choice of decor alone is very Westernized. White and black still remains as the color palette for this space and it worked well to ensure that the space exude a larger depth.


The feature wall of this room can elicit creativity from anyone who sits on the table. The shelf is decorative in manner so it fits the feature wall and the way the room was designed in totality. One can almost automatically assume that the person who owns the room is a guy for the sleek and linear approach of the decors and room design.


The walk-in closet is amazing. It gives off a 3D vibe to anyone who enters with parallel glass-paneled cabinets. The use of wood as the main material along with the glass made the whole space look stylish and sophisticated. The designer was able to achieve a more refined taste in appeal for this room alone.