What This Designer Did With This HDB Flat Is Genius. I Love The Final Design!

What This Designer Did With This HDB Flat Is Genius. I Love The Final Design!

de style dining area
Cozy, warm and pleasant are the first three words that come to mind looking at this very modern and hip looking space that the owner calls home. Additional dimensions and depth were the main concerns, but the designer was able to make the whole apartment look bigger than it is. The dining area for example, looks like it’s been taken out of a cute cafe. The painting on the brick wall added to the dimension and depth of the place, making the space bigger.

de style kitchen
The kitchen still adheres to the main theme of the apartment with it’s chic design. The use of wood is very common in majority of the apartments and this one is not an exception. Wood is very flexible because it can instantly add life to a room, or make it look classy just by the color used. Because the space is small, the designer made sure that kitchen appliances did not clutter the limited space.

de style living area 2

The living room used most of the space when combined with the dining area. The big shelf behind the sofa and the accent wall provide a distinct personality to the whole apartment. The use of wood in varying colors is still evident and small theater lights add the dramatic touch. Just by looking at the living room alone, one can instantly conclude that the owner loves a more modern look for his space.

de style living area

Another angle of the living room gives as a better look on the accent wall and the quirky shelf decor that dominates the area. These two, when combined, provided the much needed depth that the apartment needed. The small dining area blended perfectly with the living area in the process.

de style master bedroom

The bedroom is given a 3D effect with the see-through clothes cabinet that also served as a partition prior to entering the walk-in closet. The use of wood still dominated the room, adding the classy and sophisticated feel. One instantly feels a sense of comfort when entering this bedroom because of the focused lighting combined with the warm and cozy appeal of the materials used.