What The Designer & Owner Did With This HDB Flat Will Seriously Impress You

What The Designer & Owner Did With This HDB Flat Will Seriously Impress You


This Scandindustrial home incorporates a lot of different shades of blue all over the house which really brought out the personalities of the home owners who have a particular knack for this certain shade.


Not a lot of home owners are confident with loud colors but for this home, the designers and the home owners took some time to sit down and discuss the overall design concept in order to achieve the look that they had in mind. In the end, it turned out better than expected.

It incorporates a lot of combination of colors, bricks, wooden designs and frames in order to make everything come together.


For this room, the blue wall is paired with a gray wall that tones down the bright hue.


In the living room, there is a blue accent wall paired with a white wall. These colors go great with the neutral colors for the furniture and fixtures.


The powder blue wall against the brick wall is definitely uncommon but it is actually a great idea against the wooden furniture and windows.


The display cabinet across the brick wall.


The white washed bathrooms.