Victorian Concept @ The Callista

Victorian Concept @ The Callista

The interior design of this lovely apartment takes people back in time to the period when Britain was the biggest colonial force in the world. Back in the time of Queen Victoria, and when the famous Victorian style was born.

This dining room for one is elegant and sophisticated the moment you lay your eyes on the space. Whites, creams and rich graphics were used to create the Victorian vibe in this area. The fabulous carpentry finish is absolutely intricate and feminine, there is even a sense of romanticism to the whole area.

In a true Victorian manner, the design is rich with flower motives, romantic motives, but also you can notice a rich texture of the colors. White is mixed with a lot of pinks and beige color to enhance the overall theme and concept of the apartment. The designer enhanced the look of the foyer by using proper lighting and a platform ceiling, ensuring that the Victorian design stood out the moment you entered the home.


Victorian style homes always feature a corner that accumulates the best objects and elements. The living room occupies one corner of the apartment, fusing all elements and characteristics that are distinctly Victorian. The heavy curtains are parted and lined in a way that is common in European castles. The sofa bed is plush and the throw pillows are also designed with graphic prints that are very sophisticated and makes the area look posh and rich.

The living and dining areas blend well together as they share one big space in the apartment. The graphic prints on the dining chairs give life and meaning to what a Victorian theme really is. It is intricate and rich as it looks embossed right on the fabric. The low hanging chandelier adds drama to the space.

The checkered and striped prints on the walls and door, give the space texture and make it look more vibrant than most Victorian themed homes. The quaint and dainty home decors give this particular space a hint of romance of femininity.

What sets this living room apart, is the way the sofa functions two ways. It serves as a partition to the dining area and an awesome home furnishing that epitomizes the true design and concept of the Victorian theme.

The bedroom has hints of both Victorian and modern themes fused together. The graphic prints showcase both design concepts yet they are still able to sync together perfectly. What is common is the white color scheme that helped blend both design themes together. Note that the wood flooring enhanced the rich and elegant look of the bedroom as well as the fabulous carpentry finishing on the mirror.

Even the cabinets are Victorian in taste. The handles are chic and dainty at the same time, adhering to the designer’s overall look for the apartment. To ensure that your home gets the rich and sophisticated atmosphere, use white as the main color of your home.

The bathroom is more modern in concept. The walls are reminiscent of a cabin, only more elegant. The glass doors of the shower area creates a 3D illusion of space making the entire bathroom look roomier and tasteful. When designing a bathroom, it is always best to go for the basic colors, black or white, to ensure a more pristine and elegant feel in the space.