Ultra Modern White At Seastrand Tower

Ultra Modern White At Seastrand Tower

White is one of the best colours for the interior design as it creates an impression you are in the clouds. The color is both calming and inviting, and helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

And while all white design has its advantages, there are always challenges. One of the biggest is to nail the right combination of accessories, patterns and motives to make the white design look interesting and playful.

What the designer has done here is to implement some vintage and romantic patterns to the living area that add just enough character and style to it.

The whole dining and living area is linked with the kitchen, but they have been separated by different design (dining from living) or by glass mirrors (kitchen with living area).

You can also notice the small and subtle ways the designer has used to add some storage and decoration elements, such as the shelves under the kitchen counter top.

The bedroom, however, is not an all white design. But that doesn’t make it any less calming and comfortable. The cream shade works as well, and under the bed illumination helps in the romantic feeling.