When someone enters your home, the first room is mostly the living room. So, it’s the first impression you make on your guests. Living room decor reflects your thinking and personality. If you are a simple person, your living room would be simple. If you are creative, then your living room would be creative and contemporary. If you are different, then modern decor may attract you. Living room decor gives your home a definite character. A right living room decor can make you comfortable and cozy. It also goes for the people who visit you.

A boring concept in a living room decor will definitely not leave an impact on your guests and you would not want that to happen. There are so many decor options available today that can make your room trendy and classy. From designer walls to floor concepts, you have so much to choose from. Get best vinyl flooring in Singapore to enhance your living room floor. The upholstery you choose can also leave a great impact on your decor. Here are 7 trending living room decor ideas that will blow your mind. Take your pick to change your room.

1. White Theme Decor

A white theme decor will take you to the world of fantasy. If the color white fascinates you, then you can choose a white theme with white upholstery. A clean white living room will look nothing less than a paradise. This simple decor will define the look of your home too. You can choose white sofas with an elegant white table.

Do not forget to accentuate your look with white curtains or light colored curtains. White shelf on the side along with white photo frame will complete the look of your living room. Get ready to receive compliments on your subtle look and classy room decor. White color can never go out of trend.

2. Bold Mirror Decor

Mirrors not only help to enhance the look of small rooms but also give an edge to any room. A mirror theme for your living room will give a classy effect to the room. You can customize the mirror look according to your color theme.

A center mirror table with mirror shelf would look perfect. Choose mirror frames at the back of the sofas to enhance and beautify the look of your living room. Do not forget to use glass or mirror candle stands to add that sparkle effect to your living room decor. Enhance the look with silver cushions.

3. Arty Contemporary Decor

If classy is what you like, choose an arty contemporary look for your living room decor. You can use different kinds of artifacts and art pieces to enhance your room. Choose upholstery with arty effect too. Like, you can display your art effect on the cushions of the living room. From frames to rugs, choose designs that will help to complete your living room decor.

The arty feel effect will give you creative inspiration and also keep your room free of clutter. Choose a theme that works well for you.

4. Minimal Look Decor

Nowadays, many people are opting for minimal or bare look for living room decor. The idea is to remove all the clutter from the room to make it look cozier. You can keep a sofa and table with a side shelf in this decor setup. Do not forget to keep a rug that fits with the decor theme.

A minimal look decor works well if you are looking for a simple decor. The more you keep it bare, the classier it will look. You can choose to keep some artifacts if you want to highlight the theme of the decor. Simple can also look classy. Get the best tile options from vinyl flooring in Singapore.

5. Shades Of Blue Decor

As the name suggests, the decor is all about the color blue. Shades of blue decor can give a rich feel to your living room. The color blue has a very earthy feel to it. So, you can choose blue sofas, table, and blue upholstery. Paintings on the wall with color blue can enhance the feel of the room.

For walls, you can choose soft blue shades, which will make your room look amazing. Blue color has that classy feel to it so, choose blue color decor to add that spark to your living room.

6. Mid-Century Modern Decor

Use different colors to add a vibrant feel to this classy decor. Choose mid-century sofa set and shelf to complete the look. You can use mid-century artifacts to add that old charm and touch to your decor. Choose a Moroccan rug to complete the look. Colors brown and red are dominant to mid-century modern decor, so choose the shades you like.

Do not overdo the look, as it may also look cluttered. Use things that can look great according to the theme of the room decor.

7. Wood And Leather Decor

The combination of wood and leather will always look classy. Choose wooden flooring and walls for your living room. Choose leather upholstery to complete the look and feel of the room. There are many variations and artifacts to choose from.

This decor can also be customized according to your choice. If you have a particular theme in mind, go ahead and change the look of your living room decor. Wooden artifacts can add to the beauty of this theme decor.

It is important to decorate your living room according to your preference because it is where you spend lots of time. It should make you feel cozy and warm. There are so many options for living room decor, that you will get confused, which one is right for you.

If you have a theme in mind, you can personalize it according to your choice. Decorating your living space will give your home an extra edge and your guests will have a great time too. So, choose a concept or a decor that would make your home look like your dream home.