Top 5 Materials To Consider For Kitchen Counter Top

Top 5 Materials To Consider For Kitchen Counter Top

When it comes to choosing the material for a kitchen counter top, there are several questions you must answer before you choose the most suitable one. First and foremost, how often do you use the kitchen? If you are a heavy user, laminate and solid surface are instantly out of the question.

What is your budget? Do you want to look beautiful, or just be practical? To help you with the dilemma, we will break down the options, with pros, cons and cost of each one of them.

Source: AC Vision

1. Quartz


Probably the most durable material of them all, quartz counter tops offer the most flexibility and versatility, as different colors can be used. Quartz brings all the benefits of stone counter tops and solid surfacing, which means the top blends the beauty and the easy maintenance of two of the commonly used tops. Quartz is an engineered product, and is often called engineered stone.

As a composite material, quartz has a great range of colors and patterns. The downside is that the material doesn’t look natural. It is pricey for a relatively “middle class” product, but its durability make it a worthwhile investment. The cost of the quartz kitchen counter top is between $40 and $90 per square foot.

2. Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel is the material you’ll notice in all commercial kitchens and has since then made its way in contemporary and modern kitchens. Especially if you gunning for the industrial look, stainless steel is the way to go.

The good news is that the top is nearly indestructible, and can take heat up to 800 degrees. The tops are custom made, which means the top will be tailor made for your kitchen. The stainless steel kitchen counter top gives the kitchen a distinctive look.

When it comes to cons, frequent care is again an issue. Fingerprints are easily visible, and they must be wiped on a daily basis. Noise is also an issue, as all your pans, dishware and pots clang against the surface. Chemicals affect the color of the stainless steel top.

The price for a square foot installed is between $65 and $125.

3. Wood


Also known popularly as “Butcher Block”, the wooden counter top has a classic appeal and it is best fitted into a traditional, country or cottage style kitchen. While beauty and warmth are wood’s calling cards, the material is also extremely durable. Scratches can be buffed out.

The cons of the wooden counter top is that heat, especially direct heat can harm it greatly. When you install the counter top, make sure you provide enough breathing room for the wood. You also must protect is from moisture and humid environments. Wood as a material harbors bacteria, which means frequent cleaning and disinfecting is a must. You also must oil the surface frequently.

The price depends on the type of wood used, but it can go from $30 per square foot, up to $70. The price is for an installed counter top.

4. Granite


Since it is a nature’s product, granite brings a variety of colors and patterns from the nature, making the kitchen counter top one of a kind. It can survive splashes, heat, knife nicks and much more wear and tear.

The downside is that granite must be sealed often in order to avoid stains. Another issue is the weight of the top, which requires solid and sturdy cabinet boxes to support it. The cost is between $35 and $100 per square foot.

5. Solid Surface


Solid surface is probably the most common and popular choice for a kitchen counter top. The price is right, and the material brings a lot of benefits. Solid surface is made from polyester and acrylic. The surface is nonporous, which means you do not need to clean, making it maintenance free.

Scratches and burns are easy to wipe. The solid surface also brings a wide pattern of colors, and you can experiment with colors such as tomato red or turquoise, two of the vibrant and bold choices.

The only downside is that the surface doesn’t stand up to sharp knives or hot pans. Many also consider the price a weakness, since it approaches the range of natural materials, yet it is artificial. The cost is between $35 and $100 per square foot.

6. Marble

Source: Idees Interior Design

Arguably the most beautiful and glamorous material, one that is very distinctive and nothing beats its sheer elegance. Marble can survive heat, which makes it an ideal choice for baking stations or pastry. The problem is that marble kitchen counter top is very susceptible to stains. The price ranges between $40 and $100 per square foot.