Top 5 Design Ideas For Your Bay Window

Top 5 Design Ideas For Your Bay Window

source: Space Define

One of the dead spaces in the home is the corner with the bay window. Bay windows are getting their way into the interior design, but homeowners are always in dilemma what to do with the space they create. Bay window is the window space that projects outward from your home.

The window space can be created from various combinations or styles. Before we take a look at what you can do with the space, let’s break down the types of bay windows.

Bay Window as a term is a generic term that can be used for all window constructions, no matter their height. Most commonly, bay windows are angular windows with inside angles of 150, 135 and 90 degrees. However, triangular bays can be formed out of two windows sets. In this case, the inside angle is 120 degrees.

The most common type of bay windows is the square or polygonal type. In this case, the bay windows are curved and they get the name “bow windows”.If the front of the bay window is flat, and has angled sides, this is the canted type.

There is one more type of bay windows, called oriel window. This is a bay window that is supported by bracket, corbel or anything similar.

1. Fabric designs


When it comes to bay windows, people love to take advantage of the uncommon and unique construction, and use it as the signature décor piece in the living room. Let’s take a look at some of the fabric designs and ideas that can be used.

First option is silk panels, a traditional way to update and decorate the bay window. If you are fan of contemporary style, apply fabric tape or braid to the inside of the panels. Another option that looks great is to use two colors.

The first color of silk is used for the body, while the second is used for the top and the bottom of the panel. Make sure that the colors complement each other. Or you can go contrast.

The second fabric is drapery, or drapery panels that should be positioned in a way that they frame the window bay. Be careful not to clutter the view, so choose the fabrics wisely. Hang the drapes as high as possible in order to avoid making them look short.

You can also raise the rod to two inches below the crown. This is a common trick to raise the ceiling of the room.

2. Roman Shades
Roman shades are excellent option for decorating bay windows since they provide two key ingredients to a superb look: they frame the windows, and they give the designer option for colorful window accent. Roman shades are best fit for elegant window treatment.

3. Window Seat


If you like to make the bay window corner your spot for relaxation and stress free environment, go for a window seat. Decorative pillows and seat cushions can be used to create a vibrant and colorful environment.

If your living room is color free, the seating area of the bay window is an excellent option to introduce some bold color. The trick works vice versa as well: going for neutral colors in the bay corner for relaxing environment.

4. Study Table
A study table is an excellent idea for how to use the dead space of the bay windows. The table will fit nicely into the space, and you will always have source of natural light. Make you position your table in a way you view is towards the window.

5. Entertainment Corner
Another option you can consider for the bay window in your room is to turn the area into a entertainment corner. What you need is a TV Console and seating chairs. You do not need huge sofas or anything similar, just a small chair will be enough. The corner can be both your primary entertainment corner, or secondary, depending how much space you have.