Top 10 Tips To Create A Scandinavian Home

Top 10 Tips To Create A Scandinavian Home

The Scandinavian style is easy to achieve thanks to its functional, simple and minimalist characteristics that look so warm and cozy at the same time. Here are the top ten tips which will help you in achieving stylish and harmonized Scandinavian look.

1. The warmth of wood

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Wood in all forms and shapes is the strongest statement of Scandinavian style. It can be applied on floors, walls and even ceilings and it’s an unreplaceable feature.

Installing some wooden panels in your apartment is a good start when aiming to achieve Scandinavian look. Choose the same type of timber as on the floor, install it on one or more blank walls and its natural and discreet effect will fill the space with warmth.

2. Natural light

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If there is one thing that makes an essence of Scandinavian lifestyle it’s the daylight. Hence, wide and broad windows with minimal window treatments are the perfect choice.

3. Icons of the design

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Some Midcentury/Scandinavian classics will immediately uplift the ambiance and set the tone of your home in a desired direction. Hans Wagner’s, Arne Jacobsen’s or Charles Eames’s pieces will bring the Scandinavian flare in every home.

If original versions are not an option due to their price, choose of the wide range of Scandinavian style pieces amongst affordable Scandinavian furniture stores.

4. Black and White

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Abundance of white with accents in black is the most recognizable scheme in Scandinavian style. Clean and elegant, yet natural ambience is what this basic set of un-colors represents.

Setting white as a neutral with accents in black, soft greys, and different shades of blue, will soften the atmosphere and add interest to the space.

5. Fireplaces

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The fireplace is a dominant feature of the Scandinavian look, and it is often set as a focal point. Together with creative log storage solutions and beautiful artwork it can make a fantastic composition.

6. Plenty of hidden storage space

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To achieve the Scandinavian minimalistic form, storage space must be well planned and invisibly incorporated in the setting. Only the most beautiful and the most significant pieces should be exposed; everything else should be stored away.

Clutter is a big enemy of Scandinavian look- it interrupts the form and the order of the scene.

7. Details are important

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Details in a Scandinavian home are true statement pieces. Typography artworks, white candles, geometric prints and industrial light fixtures give that final touch to the scene.

Also, a strong connection to the nature can be found in organic shapes and natural textures that are important parts of accessories. Scandinavian’s characteristic style is best visible in lighting choices.

Lamps come in various materials and shapes; from chrome and aluminium, glass, steel to even wood, and they play a big role in creating a unique and recognizable look.

8. Outdoor living

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Everything about Scandinavian design- clean lines from architecture to furniture, minimalistic forms, light and pale color palette- it’s all inspired by nature.

Scandinavians have a strong link with nature and love spending time outdoors. Treating outdoor spaces in the same way as we treat our interiors is part of Scandinavian philosophy.

So balconies and terraces should be employed as extension of your apartment and decorated in the same manner.

9. Layering

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With minimalist design, you can use soft and fluffy materials; cushions, plaids, blankets, soft rugs and faux fur, which give much-needed coziness and warmth to the space. Layering the textiles creates a sense of comfort.

10. Accent colours

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The Scandinavian look can handle more than a basic colour scheme. If your personality requires a joyful and vibrant environment, it can be easily achieved by adding bright accent colours.

Rich red, royal blue, mint green, pine green, yellow or pink will make a vivid contrast to a white backdrop. And with some bold patterns, the place will become less strict with a lively feel.