These Pictures Will Give Your Friends Major Home Envy

These Pictures Will Give Your Friends Major Home Envy


Today’s design concept mixes our favorites growing up while mixing some of the newer design elements which is better known as modern contemporary interior designs. It allows home owners to marry both of their favorite aesthetics without it being too overwhelming.


In the bedroom, these elements are mixed by displaying contemporary decorations and artworks within a modern day designed room. The cuts and clean and sleek but the ambiance is this very relaxed.


There is also more than enough storage in the room which is well kept.


The living room is very posh and also practices the same design concept which is evident is the fixtures and patterns for the pillow covers.


The children’s room is a big more modern with it’s great storage and space saving designs such as the floating desk with ample leg room.


The other children’s room also follow the modern design complete with cabinet space and a study area.