The Pink Round Bed You Never Knew Existed!

The Pink Round Bed You Never Knew Existed!

Starting from the platform, which literally provides gives the feeling you are entering a new, and better world, to the king size round bed, and finishing with the drapes and romantic curtains.

For the bedroom, luxury and royal feeling is what comes to mind first. The designer has introduced a series of elements in order to make the bedroom as comfortable and as royal as possible.

Starting from the living and dining area, we see how clean and neat the room looks thanks to the all white design. But few tricks help achieve this look. Here, the designer introduces black contrast with frames on the furniture and a square around the ceiling on the wall.

Whenever you go for an all white design of the home, you need something that will help you break the monotony. White is the most commonly used achromatic colour. It is a symbol of purity, cleanliness, freshness and perfection.

The three kitchens share a common theme, which is the all white design. But in the three cases, a metallic grey colour, introduced thanks to the appliances emphasizes the white and its clean outlook.