The Appeal Of The Round Table At Full Display

The Appeal Of The Round Table At Full Display

It is all about the round table, and the circle as a graphic element and shape. In latest years, clear, straight lines have overtaken the interior design.

But in this case, the designer shows the full beauty and appeal of the circle, the round table and how unique an environment can become.

Most of us will glaze at the ceiling, and the round opening for the chandelier, without noticing that every other piece in the living room is rounded. The dining table, the sofa in front of the TV, and the club table for example. And as a bonus, a mirror reflects everything.

Mirrors play a huge role in the design of the apartment, as they are present in every room, with the same purpose: reflect the room.

With two huge goals and elements in mind, the design of the apartment is truly a testament to the skills and creativity of the designer. However, in order to take things to the next level, once the designer has implemented mirrors and round forms, he makes sure that the quality of every piece is on pair with the social status of the homeowner.