When it comes to colors, people and designers have different opinions. Some want to go pastel, some go neutral, some go bold and vivid. But in almost any case, there are always colors that dominate. Like in the fashion world, in the world of interior design and home décor, there are colors that are trendy and dominant in the year.

For 2015, there are several trends and colors that will be present in almost every home in one way or another. It is worth noting that colors in interior design are not reserved only for the walls and interior. On the contrary, some of the color trends are implemented as an accessory. Here are the five colors that will absolutely dominate the interior design in 2015.

Greek Blue
The color of the Mediterranean has slowly, but safely entered the home of millions of people around the world. When you think of Greek Blue, that is the color that is used for the tops of churches in Santorini. The Greek island of Santorini has long been one of the most popular and beautiful places on the earth, and now its color will enter the interior design.

The Greek Blue is rich, fabulous and perfect color for accessories around the home. The color is way too bold to be used as a main color. However, when paired with neutral colors as grey and shades of white, it is perfect. One example is to use white as a background of the living room, and add accessories as pillows in Greek blue. Or the top of the chairs in the dining room. There are countless of options.

source: indoor-lighting.net

Neutral Grey
When it comes to neutral colors, the Neutral Grey is probably the hottest color on the market. It works perfectly in every setting, be it bold and vivid, or neutral and minimalistic. It can be paired in a setting with black and white combination, or in one with vivid colors such as red, orange, green and blue.

Almost every contemporary designed apartment nowadays features a neutral grey in some aspect. And the reason is simple, the color sets the perfect backdrop.

Some examples for using neutral gray is to use soft gray on the walls in the living room, and paint the doors in dark charcoal. It is the perfect contract. Another usage of the neutral gray is the ceiling, where grayish white ceiling sets the best background for playing in the environment.

Marsala is the unofficial and official color of 2015. Anyway you see, marsala dominates the red carpet, the fashion shows, and the interior design. It is a combination of bold, and neutral color, one that is ideal for the furniture in the apartment.

Lately, it is noticeable that marsala is used for the kitchen elements, especially if the furniture is high gloss material. When used in a high gloss furniture, marsala is absolutely the best option for the kitchen.

And in the bedroom, marsala provides warm and romantic feeling without being too strident and flamboyant.

source: www.a-interiordesigns.com

Olive Green
Being one with the nature is one of the hottest trends in the interior design right now, with designers slowly discovering all the beauties and benefits of the scandinavian design style. While Scandinavian design prefers white and light colors, Olive green is one of the ways to introduce the nature in the home, especially all that greenery.

The color is warm, organic and neutral, which means it can be paired with almost any other color. The beauty of the olive green is in its neutrality. Unlike other green colors that are vivid, flashy and glitzy, the olive green works perfectly in a neutral style.

source: styledhaven.com

Champagne Beige
After the grey, Champagne Beige is the next best thing when it comes to neutral colors. Same as the grey color, champagne beige is another color that is ideal for the background, but doesn’t work well for the elements.

The color sets good background, and once you go champagne beige, you can experiment with other colors around it. It doesn’t work well in a black and white setting, but if you like to add vivid colors, and you are afraid they will pop too much, paint the background in champagne beige.