Texture Dominated Modern Interior

Texture Dominated Modern Interior

One of the main aspects of a perfectly designed home is the way texture is made to play a major role in conceptualizing the look of the apartment. This home is a great example of how the designer used texture to create depth and a unique look for the entire flat.

The living room alone has several different textures all at once with the feature wall and the shelves. One will notice that the space of the living area has been fully maximized with a lot of furnishings and yet the area does not feel nor look cluttered and busy.

The living room and the dining area were able to blend with each other without the awkward feeling that one part of both areas do not belong. It was a great job by the designer to make use of wood and mingle it with the neutral colors of the floor and the walls. Again, texture was a primary consideration for both spaces.

The walls at the back of the living area and dining room are different ensuring that there is a play on the texture once again and at the same time serving as decor for the two areas.

The choice of lighting, blended well with the colors in the dining room and the kitchen. There is a sense of comfort and coziness, making each meal more enjoyable for everyone eating. Even the writing on one part of the kitchen has helped create a more modern approach and appeal to the area.

The bedroom has a lot of graphic elements to it, making the room look alive yet without the clutter. The main bedroom is devoid of any other furnishings and decor as the designer was able to separate it to avoid any distractions.

The sleeping area is furniture free, allowing owners to concentrate on relaxing alone. In the entertainment area, on the other hand, the designer places a small table with chairs in front of a TV.

The walk-in closet looks very structured like that of a Japanese home. The shelves are made of wood making the space look streamlined and  classy.

The bathroom has a modern Japanese appeal to it, with wood and stones in the shower area. The marble tiles give the elegant vibe while the shower area gives the Japanese take on the design for this space.