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2 Urban homeowners these days are going for the straightforward design theme for their HDB apartments or condos. This is because modern Scandinavian homes are easier to maintain and more appealing to the eyes. The living area of this HDB for instance has all the elements of a modern Scandinavian design. No obstructions, all white and neutrals color scheme, and modern furnishings to make the whole area look tasteful without the basic and boring feel of an otherwise Scandinavian home. The rug and the window blinds added the texture to the space.

1 One of the best ways to create depth and space in any home, big or small, is to use partitions at key areas of your apartment. This can be done regardless of the theme or design concept of the house. This flat takes on a modern luxury concept just by looking at the furnishings and home decors. The living area is posh and stylish with its neutral color scheme. Ceiling to floor shelf-cabinets are used at one corner to enclose the area.