Surprising Stylishly Chic 3-BR Unit in Mounbatten area

Surprising Stylishly Chic 3-BR Unit in Mounbatten area

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The moment you walk into this 3-BR unit, there is a sense of calm comfort that can be felt in the living room. It was designed in a way that is a mix of modern and urban with a hint of Scandi-inudstrial. The pieces of furniture have been picked quite carefully to ensure that nothing clashes. The hanging flat screen TV is a great accent to the white walls that dominate the room.

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The kitchen will wow you the moment you see it. The flooring is tiled and the chosen wood brown theme gives off a sense of energy. The way the cabinets and kitchenware are stacked together at one area of the room makes the kitchen look even more spotless and inviting for one to cook several lunches and dinners for family and friends.

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To achieve the expanded space look, the designer chose to focus on colors that make the bedroom look bigger than actual. Just like the living room, there is an accent wall where the flat screen TV is placed. Big windows let the sunlight stream in one corner of the room a bit far from the bed so as not to suddenly wake up the person sleeping. The flooring for the masters’ bedroom is by SUPREME.

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This area of the bedroom is given a pop of color by a single black chair. The big windows and the mirrors make the room look bigger and wider. Aside from doing your make-up in this corner, you can also do your work while sipping coffee.

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One of the tricks to making your compact space more functional is to install decors that can double as storage areas for your things. This works nicely especially when you have a lot of stuff with you. The cabinets are attached to the wall so as not to make use of the limited space serves as both storage and at the same time a design feature for the home.