Stunning Dual Key Unit At RiverParc Residence

Stunning Dual Key Unit At RiverParc Residence

Dual key properties have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they rarely look as stunning as this one. Dual key properties are essentially one apartment, with another built in inside of it.

In this case, we have two living areas, and two master bedrooms. What is characteristic for both living areas is that they both feature floating furniture.

As for the standard bedrooms, the designer sticks to the same principle: raise up platform with hidden storage beneath it. In one of the cases, the designer also adds open shelves to allow light to pass through it and illuminate the environment.

The master bedrooms are done with a different approach. While the first one is minimalistic, with texture added via the headboard, the other features a working desk within it.

The shelves, the cabinets and the TV feature wall are lifted from the floor just a little bit in both cases. The idea is to allow for free flow of air through the room.

Another similarity is the use of glass for transparency. Glass is incorporated in the apartment in subtle ways, such as the coffee table in the living room.

The following pictures are the 3D design ideas for this home.