Storage With Coziness @ Parc Vera Hougang

Storage With Coziness @ Parc Vera Hougang

Some people have way too many things they like to keep in their apartment, which is always a challenge for the designer. Adding extra storage is easier said than done, since people rarely want to sacrifice space for storage.

And there lies the challenge, which the designer has executed perfectly. Almost every dead space in the apartment is used to add extra storage, and the place is still cozy and comfortable.

For example, the wall with the TV on it is one of those dead spaces in the room you don’t use. But in this case, the designer has made a cabinet with a built in space for the TV, allowing home owners to store their books, CDs, and much more. Even the club table in the living room has few extra spots for storage.

In the bedroom, the designer uses the age old trick of loft bed, with storage solutions under it.

However, the best trick the designer has pulled has to be the cabinet in the dining room, with a decoration that blends with the overall color and feeling of the room.