We’ve seen our fair share of open concepts kitchen in the past, but we rarely see an interior where the kitchen is actually the focal point. In this case, however, it seems like the kitchen is the “de facto” living area in the apartment.


Let’s start from the beginning, which is a very organized, minimalistic kitchen with built in kitchen elements, stove and microwave. Using timber for just one section is a great way to add some playfulness into otherwise dull kitchen.

We cannot ignore the MDF high gloss finishing, which is excellent choice, but the kitchen needed some color and texture, and the timber adds just that.

The central piece of the kitchen is that large, multifunctional kitchen island with storage and cooker on top. Additionally, the island features just enough space to serve as a spot for quick launch and drink with friends. Thanks to some bar-like chairs, the island is a “room within the kitchen”.


Going into the dining area, we see a romantic touch and a family oriented table. Retro timber made table with some vintage chairs adds warmth to the interior, and resembles those family gatherings of the old ages.

However, even that traditional dining area needs some signature element, and in this case, a flower like chandelier does the trick.