Sexy Black and White Simple Home

Sexy Black and White Simple Home

When opting for black and white décor, simplicity is always the goal you want to achieve. And even the simplest designs can make a place unique and give it a modernistic touch.

Starting from the living area, the designer mixes and matches black and white for the TV feature wall to make it signature element.

In the living area, the designer also experiments with the windows. In most cases and similar outlook, designers opt for floor to ceiling windows for maximum light. In this case, the designer has left little “breathing” room in the bottom and the top.

Right next to the living area, the designer creates a small study/working room. An important aspect of the study room is the choice for glass doors. The option allows for the light to flow all the way to the entry hall, making the interior of the apartment as bright as possible.

In the kitchen, the designer again goes for simple approach, but adds a modernistic twist. The twist in the kitchen is the finishing outlook of the bottom kitchen elements.

And to top it and make it another black and white setting, the designer installs marble, mat black countertop to serve as contrast to the white background.