Scandinavian Tips For Dawson Sky Terrace HDB Flat

Scandinavian Tips For Dawson Sky Terrace HDB Flat

12916313_1711218765819971_4217017464960791109_oIn modern culture, it is common for home owners to incorporate brown and different shades of wood into their designs. This is because wood is a timeless piece, it requires very minimal maintenance and it is an economic way to make a last impression with anybody.


Wood or choosing to work with different shades in your home is also an easy option to work with because it works well with any kind of material. Make sure all your colors compliment each other.

In this post, we will be discussing a few points that should be considered when working with these materials and hue:


It is usually best use light wood or light brown hues against light and neutral colors. Colors like this include white, cream and grey. These can be your dominant colors while dark shades should only serve as complimentary or secondary colors.


Incorporate different shades of light colors to make a space more interesting.


Play with different depths, textures, lengths and materials to spruce up your place.