Scandinavian Style – The Perfect Synergy

Scandinavian Style – The Perfect Synergy

Guided by 5 F’s, this home has truly showed the best of Scandinavian style. Floors – In the bedrooms wooden floors give warmth. The rest of the apartment floors are light, they open the space up and lights are beautifully reflected from it.

Fabrics- Inevitable wood. Beautiful panels on the walls. Grey is a must have, because it beautifully complements the wood. Curtains are airy and follow the color palette.


Format – Clean lines are beautifully presented here, from the layout of furniture to the lines of storage cabinets. Functionality – Storage cabinets are masterfully done, as is best seen in the multifunctional table in the bedroom. Furniture – Scandinavian style is timeless, as it is wonderfully presented in these pieces of furniture.

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It is a common misconception that the Scandinavian style is a bit cold and empty. This space truly shows off the appeal of this design style, both in functionality and in a beautiful modern warm home atmosphere.