Scandinavian-Industrial Home Design We Love

Scandinavian-Industrial Home Design We Love


Scandinavian design is always a welcome treat. When fused together with industrial concepts, the look it conveys is modern, creative and chic. Starting families or young couples will appreciate the overall design for its ingenuity and value for space and streamlined interiors.

The living area here for instance invites the homeowner to laze the whole day. The cement grid stucco feature wall provides for the best backdrop to the TV. The white walls give the feeling of vast space to a small abode. The use of minimalist furniture completes the look of the room.


The current trend now is to use black framed windows for the illusion of expanded space in any room. Coupled with stage lighting and a few furnishings, this part of the living area or den is great for work or study. The dining table is neatly tucked into one corner of the room and seamlessly blends with the whole design. It is unassuming and invites one to dine.


The glass-panelled door and windows are the highlight of the kitchen. It provides natural light in the white walls make the area look clean. The use of wood as the main material here in the kitchen gives it the sleek and modernized appeal. There is no sense of clutter for one of the busiest parts of the home.


The same modern and low key design is evident in this bedroom. The cabinets and the flooring are all made of wood and the lighting is unobtrusive yet playful. Even the chosen beddings blend well with the color scheme of the room. The gray wall is not somber or dark but just right in order to achieve the cozy and relaxing ambiance of the bedroom.


The stark white walls of the bathroom against the gray floor lend the feeling of elegance commonly found in a hotel. There is no clutter and only the sense of cleanliness can truly be felt in this area.