Scandinavian Design For The Tampines Trilliant

Scandinavian Design For The Tampines Trilliant

The moment one enters this home, he or she gets a feel of how the right texture can make a seemingly small apartment look sophisticated and livable. The living room is a testament to this as various decor and furnishings mingle together in perfect harmony to come up with an area in the unit that is chic and classy.

The use of bricks to  serve as the wall for the condo gives an urban vibe and keeping it white in color makes it pristine-looking. Normally, bricks are associated with exterior design or even used as foundation, but it’s use for this condo made it stylish and homey. The minimal take on decor, and the obvious lack of a coffee table between the long leather sofa and the TV was a good design call. The simplicity of the unit is evident with no unusual pop of colors or quirky decor. The TV that is hanged on one side of the wall and framed photos on the other are the only obvious home furnishings that don’t make the home look bare at all.

Looking at the living area together with the dining area, one can see whitewash bricks that serves as the accent wall, a leather sofa, wooden chairs and a black table. All masculine materials that is softened up by the rug that ties all materials together. There is a fusion of all the materials that makes the area look modern despite the differences in texture.

The dining area does not look independent of the whole space since it fuses perfectly with the living room. To maximize the space and lessen the appearance of a bulky room, the wooden bench is pressed to the wall to make it look as if it were part of the whole space.

The bedroom is quite unique as the bed sits atop a platform which gives the bed an elevated look while the platform doubles as storage area for things of the owner. Thick drapes guard the big windows from sunlight streaming in. Plush throw pillows add more texture and  depth to the space. Every corner has been maximized in the bedroom, making it a relaxing area to be in.