Scandinavian Design At Its Best

Scandinavian Design At Its Best

Simply put, this condo excels at fulfilling every principle of the Scandinavian design style. Following the concept of minimalism, the rooms stick to the most necessary furniture elements, with each element representing a special story.

The living area may seem bare to the person who is not familiar with Scandinavian design, but all that is needed is right where it should be. The TV wall is accentuated by panels of grey marble that are geometrically cut. The designer ingeniously used grey as the main color of the condo to make the design style look even better.

de style Scandinavian Design 1
de style Scandinavian Design 2

Let’s just take a look at some of the elements, such as the wooden desk in the living room, or the pillar wrapped in wood which is the central figure in the living room. These helped shape the living area into a space that is warm and friendly to anyone who wants to relax in this space. A reading area by the window is also available if one is not keen on watching TV. Note that home decors are not to be seen and yet the room was able to stand out without them.

de style Scandinavian Design 3


As a material, wood dominates every room, and we get to experience the material in its every form, shape, and color. The designer has really made a mission of displaying the full glory of wood, and its versatility. A good example of which is the masters’ bedroom where wood highlighted the best assets of the space such as the ceiling to floor cabinets and doors. The white platform ceiling and walls accentuated the best traits of the carpentry, while the bright bed sheet gave the room a pop of color.

de style Scandinavian Design 4


As we get to the children’s room, they are also done in a typical Scandinavian style. While other children’s room’s might look boring, and lack the energy that typically accompanies the space, a toy here and there is more than enough to give life to the area. It will also be noticed that the designer was careful with the choice of materials to ensure that the kids who occupy this bedroom are safe from harm. The white paneled cabinets and walls provide the squeaky clean ambiance that is often lacking in a kid’s bedroom.

de style Scandinavian Design 5


When adhering to the Scandinavian style, the accent is on quality, not quantity. With contrasting gradients, clean lines and colour shades, we have created a modern yet simple interior for our home owners. A condo that is truly worth coming home to and sharing with other family members and friends.