Resort Theme @ The Gale

Resort Theme @ The Gale

Create your own personal retreat at home with the resort themed interior design. Today, we present you a warm and cozy resort themed apartment @ The Gale designed by the Weiken. The apartment is designed using predominantly the wood, natural materials and earthy colors.

Mirror accents on the cabinet doors and mocha colored textured walls create a beautiful harmony and balance.
There is abundance of potted plants indoors and outdoors in the balcony. Leaf shaped ceiling fans, flower shaped light fixtures and tree shaped shelves in the home office bring the nature indoors.

Large glass windows seamlessly connect indoors with outdoors. Open floor plan apartment designed using lavish furniture looks comfortable and relaxing. Outdoor deck with stylish wicker furniture is a perfect place to spend cool evenings with your family and friends.

Lush green plants and stylish deck lighting enhance the charm and elegance of the deck. Kids room is an odd man out, which reminds you of 60’s and 70’s with its psychedelic colors.