Resort Concept @ Ang Mo Kio Central

Resort Concept @ Ang Mo Kio Central

The design of this apartment is fun and unique. Rarely do we get to see a condo that adheres to a resort-type theme. It worked well for this home because it gave the place its character.

The use of a platform bed is fast becoming a trend for most apartments because it is a space-saver  and at the same time it doubles as a storage place for the owners’ things. Subtle luxury and glamour is what you see here.

The whole condo is luxurious and elegant in look and feel. The interiors are a mix of wood and bricks that give the whole apartment the rich vibe it is going for. The mirrors add the depth and the decors and furnishings all complement one another. The use of wood is perfect if you want to achieve the look of sophistication.

One might think that the whole condo unit feels heavy because of the furnishings and decor, but the designer was still able to achieve a homey and relaxed appeal. A mini-bar is installed in the dining area, close to the living room, for entertainment purposes. The lights and the veranda make the space even more dramatic.

The kitchen is very spacious unlike most other apartments. The placement of the appliances and the work stations are congruent with each other, making it easier for the homeowner to move around while preparing food. The use of neutral colors for the kitchen is apt as there is always a lot of activity going around in this space.

The bedroom is light and relaxing and even playful in design. The Disney-themed beddings add the character to the room and the lighting gives the bedroom a more relaxed vibe. The use of wood is consistent with the rest of the apartment. The use of a lighter color though helped give the room a more tranquil feel. Clever storage solutions are also provided for the room, making sure that every inch of space is maximized.

The bathroom is also luxurious in look and feel. The designer made sure to adhere to the design and concept even for the bathrooms. The use of neutral colors for the tiles gave the bathroom a more stylish and modern look.

This second bathroom mimics the first one, thus getting the stylish appeal and feel. By using black with beige, one gets the feeling of being in a spa. The glass shelves are perfect for bathroom decor to add more life to one corner of the space.