Open Concept Kitchen 92 RiverParc Residence

Open Concept Kitchen 92 RiverParc Residence

The trick here is to take full advantage of the potential of the condo.

While it is arguably small, and cannot offer much, the designer has managed to pull something out of nothing.

The kitchen, the living room and the dining room are all linked in one room, but they distinguish from one another.

How do they distinguish? By colours and different materials. For example, while it is all leather and white in the living room, the dining table goes for wood, glass and brown.

And in the kitchen, where the western influence is most noticeable, the blue chairs serve as a reminder this is a completely new room.

Once you get to the children rooms, however, you notice that first and most important, they are decorated tastefully. Even though they are children rooms, they are elegant, stylish, and without too many colours, accessories and everything else that resembles a children room.

As for the master bedroom, a Western influenced bedroom cannot survive without a powder room, no matter how small of a corner it takes.