Modern White Design

Modern White Design

The main goal when decorating an all white apartment is to find a way to keep things interesting, spicy, and above all, vivid.

The challenge is that the furniture can get lost in the all white design, especially if the furniture is also white or some shade of the color.

But in this case, the designer manages to bring playfulness in the décor, and it is all thanks to texture. While it is subtle, the different texture is what makes the space different than most white designs.

Going for little, but many sources of artificial light is an excellent choice for a white interior, since the color makes the space visually bigger, and a large chandelier might disrupt the flow.

But as we mentioned, it is all about the details here, as evidenced by the rugs on the floor, the classic wall watch in the living room, or the pictures.

Interestingly, the designer also opts for tiles in the living room, substituting the usual and commonly used parquet. The goal is to make the all the walls, flooring and ceiling blend together into a perfect mixture.