Modern Utilitarian Design For Austin Heights Johor Bahru

Modern Utilitarian Design For Austin Heights Johor Bahru

In the master bedroom, the designer places the bedroom on a platform, specifically two steps platform. Placing lights beneath the platform creates a floating platform feel.

Everything in the apartment is made with two goals in mind: to look elegant, and be practical. With abundance of space, the designer opted for a minimalistic approach, and let more than enough space between elements for free flow of air.

The kitchen, for example is large, spacious room, separated in two sections: wet and dry kitchen. Placing the dining table between them separates the areas.

The dining table is done in a family style, made out of wood to resemble those days when the whole family gathered for lunch. In the living room, the designer uses texture to cover the walls and add depth.

There are few elements in it, but they all have a certain purpose or function. Adding a display niche within the TV feature wall is an excellent way to introduce some colour in the pale environment and add some prestigious elements.

The children’s rooms are done in a similar way as the master bedroom with platform beneath the bed. The study area is located to the window, so the children can have enough natural light when writing homework or studying.