Modern Rich Simplicity At Anchorvale St

Modern Rich Simplicity At Anchorvale St

Prestige doesn’t always comes in the form of glitz and glamour. Some people prefer to keep things simple, yet that doesn’t mean that the space doesn’t express luxury.

Simplicity is the key to the beauty of the apartment. Even the room that is bound to colours, accessories and everything else (e.g. children room) is kept as simple as possible.

While simplicity is evident, and minimalism is the dominant style, texture and lighting play a huge role in providing the apartment with the much needed character and style.

The artificial lighting in the living room is simply gorgeous, and as seen on the pictures, it comes in different colours depending on the mood and the atmosphere of the room.

We mentioned that the apartment oozes with luxury and prestige while keeping things simple. The approach is most evident in the master bedroom, where the quality of materials simply screams wealth. MDF high gloss cabinet, leather headboard and lots of texture certainly make the room look it was meant for a Wall Street power player.