Modern Resort @ Euphony Gardens

Modern Resort @ Euphony Gardens

High ceiling is the basic requirement for a perfect loft where you can take maximum advantage of the vertical space. Adding an extra room is as easy as adding stairs.

But, the room must fit in the space, not pop out of it. Or, the other way is to go for contrast. The lower part of the living room is in modern, elegant style, with leather sofa and pale white walls. The upper part, on the other hand, goes bold with brick like wall, blue sofa that pops, all of that mixed with some pictures and arts.

Aside from the upper part of the living room, all other parts of the apartment are less popping, and more blending into one, composite environment. The same white and brown colors are used for the living room, kitchen, and the dining room.

In the bathroom, the designer likes to experiment a bit, and add a brick, rough wall to serve as the contrast to the smooth tiles.