The designers have managed to transform an outdated kitchen into a modern, efficient kitchen that is much more functional and practical.

The designer has stick to simple, monochromatic look for the main elements, but has added a touch of tangerine orange to the countertop to achieve dramatic look, visual contrast and appealing look.

The neon lights from under the elements visually make the kitchen even more appealing. The kitchen is a perfect example how lighting and illumination in the kitchen can make it look dramatic, futuristic and appealing.

What is new in the kitchen is the main approach. Before the remake, the kitchen was crowded with floating elements. The new kitchen, is done in a more minimalistic style, opening up space and breathing room.

The room still features most of the elements, but they are sleeker, and the clutter of the room has been cleaned. A cleaner room always looks more spacious, and such is the case here as well.