Modern Inspiring Designs @ Holland Close

Modern Inspiring Designs @ Holland Close

While it is unlikely that you will keep your bicycle in the living room, it is good to know that such an option is possible.

Creativity and keen eye for taking advantage of space is fully at display. The designer uses unconventional forms and shapes to express his style. Another visible theme is the use of contrast, but the brown and white, as opposed to the common black and white combo.

Talking about the uncommon designs and forms, we must mention the wardrobe in the hallway.

The music room speaks for itself, and it certainly looks like a room designer for producing music.

The bedroom is the room that shows the full talent of the designer, finding space and solutions where there are none. Some of the solutions in the bedroom include the built in TV, the window over the wardrobe, and the wooden wall behind the bed, adding another dimension.

The color of the wooden wall, which goes only halfway to the ceiling, perfectly blends with the color of the wall, to the point that you cannot distinguish them on first sight.