Modern Design Meets Cozy Decor

Modern Design Meets Cozy Decor

This home is designed with a warm, minimalistic and modern approach. Each room ties seamlessly into the next with a neutral color palette and wooden tones throughout.

The light tones of white, beige and grey create the illusion of a larger space while also maintaining a clean cut look.

Touches of warmth can be found in each room, such as the fur rug in the bedroom, plush throw pillows, geometric carpet in the study and framed artwork, which add a lived-in feel.







The two gallery walls are customized to taste allowing for creativity and can highlight some of your favorite pieces.

The dining area can double as a bar space, while overlooking the living room, creating the feel of a greater space. The varying patterns in each room make for dynamic and interesting decor, like the wooden paneling at various depths by the entertainment center and the different types of wood used in each room.

The overall look of this home is unified, with pops of color and varying materials to keep it interesting. This is an excellent example of how to maximize space in apartment settings, how to divide rooms by purpose and how to express your personality in a modern way.