Modern Contemporary @ Terrasse Lane

Modern Contemporary @ Terrasse Lane

Two themes dominate the environment here. In the first section, which includes the living room and the dining room, it is all about displaying the most beautiful and precious elements, expressing style and adding flair to the space.

The color palette clearly shows the signs of a modern and contemporary décor, with the elements such as mirrored wall with the TV, drapes, tiles on the floor and much more complementing the style.

But once you leave the living room, and enter the bedrooms, you are in a totally new world, with a whole new approach that strives to save space and add as much storage as possible. Loft beds, built in wardrobes, shelves popping out of everywhere, hidden storages and much more is what dominates in the second part of the apartment.

The emphasis on earthy colors is also visible. In a way to be more connected to the nature, the brown color dominates the apartment. The effect is even stronger once the designer adds different shades of brown in the room.