Modern Contemporary Inspiration At Flora Drive Hedges Park

Modern Contemporary Inspiration At Flora Drive Hedges Park

One of the best things about the apartment is the layout plan. Unlike most modern contemporary styled apartments, the entry hall doesn’t take you instantly to the living area. Instead, owners enter into a long hallways with access to each and every room. 

But let’s talk the design of the living area. Lighting plays a huge role in the design, placing multiple small sources on the ceiling in an effort to create a sky like effect. And the center spot of the ceiling are the two unique contemporary chandeliers.

Going into the TV feature wall, we notice an approach that the designer uses for the whole interior. And that is a simple feature wall, with just few floating shelves popping out of it. We see the same carpentry approach in the living area, and in the master bedroom as well.

In the living area, the designer uses the sofa to separate the living room from what is a small study corner. The study corner has all the tools and storage to be a small office as well.

Last, but not least, it is evident that the designer wanted to give the interior a cozy and warm feeling, and has succeeded in that by using wood as much as possible, including for the headboard in the master bedroom.