Modern Contemporary At Watercolours 31 Pasir Ris Link

Modern Contemporary At Watercolours 31 Pasir Ris Link

In the small bedroom, the designer builds a “room within the room” for the bed. Placing the bed not only on a platform, but within a frame as well. Under the bed there is room for storage.

In what is essentially a modern contemporary concept, the designer has managed to add some nautical flavour and touch by using “water” colours.

It is a brilliant example of how just a splash of colour here and there can completely change the outlook of an environment.

In the living room, the designer installs a TV feature cabinet from floor to ceiling, and from the left side to the right side of the wall. While it looks big for some, it is actually a nice way to use the whole space of the wall.

And just so it doesn’t look like a massive cabinet, the designer installs built in shelves and a mirror. Adding blue for the shelves and the frames around the mirror is the nautical touch.

And we again see the nautical flavour in subtle way, through the wallpapers that are similar in color to the sand of the beach.