Modern Contemporary At 27 Boathouse Residences

Modern Contemporary At 27 Boathouse Residences

Sometimes, you do not need gold colors, glitzy and glamour objects to show luxury. In this case, the minimalistic style of the modern-contemporary theme is what makes the apartment look luxurious.

The main approach the designer used is subtlety. Most of the major interior design tricks are well hidden. For example, the ceiling in the living area has multiple different shapes on it.

Usually, the ceiling is flat, or with just one sky like effect. But in this case, there are multiple effects on it. But let’s get back to what is on the floor, or more importantly, on the walls.

The TV feature wall is an absolute delight with marble around the TV and MDF high gloss used for the shelves and the cabinet. With few display niches, the cabinet is excellent for subtle display of luxurious elements.

Creating rooms within the room is one of the approaches the designer uses in all of the rooms. In the living room, the designer uses the ceiling for this effect. In the study room, the designer has rounded the study desk with a complete cabinet to ceiling to wall frame.

The bedroom is another example of simple, yet elegant design. Placing the bed on a platform is a great way to showcase that luxurious approach.