Modern Contemporary At 19 Tampines Trillant

Modern Contemporary At 19 Tampines Trillant

If you have a small bedroom, a smart move is to build a platform bed where you could have plenty of storage space underneath the mattress and also forgo the bed frame saving some money!

From the living room, which is a compact area, with not much space, the designer uses his tricks and creativity to make it cozy.

The glass coffee table is what will attract the eye, but the dynamic shape of the TV feature wall and the shelves looking like a moving track represent the owner’s dynamic lifestyle.

Going into the bedroom, this is where you enter the oasis of peace. Placing the bed a two-step platform ensures that the owner feels that his status and position in the society is well respected.

Build in wardrobes with sliding doors are there to make sure that the room has enough space.

For the office room, the designer places a table that spreads through three walls. It ensures that the owner has that office feeling where he is close and tight with his colleagues, making sure the communication is easier.

Placing floating shelves above the working desk adds enough storage room, and the design reflects the dynamic of the urban lifestyle.