Modern Contemporary @ Arc Tampines 2

Modern Contemporary @ Arc Tampines 2

inzz studio Arc Tampines

Let there be light. The biblical sentence perfectly works for the apartment, where light comes out from all angles. And why shouldn’t it? It is after all, a modern design, where natural light and lighting in general are symbol for the interior. The more, the better they say.

Aside from the light, another signature mark of the interior are the fans on the ceiling. All of them resemble rustic, traditional elements, and they fit just right in the modern concept.

We cannot forget the futuristic artistic elements, echoed by the picture in the hallway, and the robot statue on the table in the living room.

Once in the bedroom, everything is more simple and common, but with colors that do not pop, but rather symbolize a uniqueness in style. Pale pink, grayish silver and light brown are choices that are uncommon. As they are all light colors, they carry the risk of boring, but the designer uses them to their full potential.

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