Modern Concept Dry Kitchen

Modern Concept Dry Kitchen

Clean, uncluttered and simple, the kitchen is modern, livable but has just the right amount of traditional.

Red is as bold as you can go when it comes to colors, and it basically transforms the kitchen from clichéd and boring into a modern, new and fresh. The color definitely brings life and character to the kitchen.

All the modern elements of the dynamic and fast life are there, as evident by the small counter on the side, which is the place where you chit chat with your friends while cooking. For years the kitchen has served as one of the free and open spaces for gossip, and now you can do it, modern style.

The look is modern, but not futuristic, a mistake many designers make when trying to design a modern concept kitchen. There are some visionary ideas, such as the shelving for glasses under the counter. It is a simple, yet elegant solution.

Enriched with wall ornaments and pictures, the kitchen feels even more alive.