Modern Classical @ Canberra Residences

Modern Classical @ Canberra Residences

Clearly Classy – Being beside the balcony, you’ll get unobstructed views of the world out there while feeling at home in your own Victorian castle!

Classical blue greets anyone who enters the home. The Victorian style frames adds a touch of luxury to the overall entryway.

A cozy-sized Victorian style dining area seats a family of four. Tea and scones, anybody?

Why settle for one covelight when you can have two? The sky, or in this case, the ceiling, is your blank canvas! Design away!

A sliding door wardrobe helps save space and keeps everything tucked away neatly.

Why not let the bed double up as the study table’s chair as well?

A mixture of cool and warm tones creates an interesting yet comforting contrast.

Chill out to a few books or steal a nap at this cozy corner!

All your laundry done at one spot – talk about convenience!

We created a simple shelving system for the pantry storage area by the kitchen for proper storage of groceries and other necessities