Modern Black and White At Casa Merah

Modern Black and White At Casa Merah

Every black and white combination needs something unique, and in this case, that is mirrors. But before we get to the mirror additions and subtle integration into the design, let’s take a look at the living area.

In the living area, we see a little bit unconventional design of the TV feature wall. There is no cabinet, just floating shelves, and the TV is floating as well. But what is interesting is the décor of the TV feature wall.

The dining area and the bedroom are the room where the designer adds mirrors as main theme. Mirrors are a huge aspect of modern design, and we see them here in full display and glory.

In the bedroom, mirrors are integrated in a more subtle way, with a glass/mirror door of the wardrobe. In the dining room, on the other hand, there is nothing subtle.

On the contrary, we see the full glory of a mirror wall. Following the black and white theme, the designer has framed the mirror with black frames to add dramatic feeling.