Minimalistic Contemporary @ Waterfront Key Condo

Minimalistic Contemporary @ Waterfront Key Condo

If we could use only two words to describe the first impression of this apartment, they would be “Sleek” and “Refined”. Upon entering the apartment, the living room’s key feature; a mini-island platform that replaces the regular coffee table, grabs your attention.

This concept was adopted to optimize the use of space and reduce eye-level visual clutter, while retaining the usability of a table. To the un-attuned, the television sits above three dark coloured blocks that add a tinge of visual aesthetic to the white console cabinets. However, upon closer inspection, these reveal a drawer storage system for the owner’s multimedia equipment.

Since the dining and living rooms meld together, the dining area boasts a diner style booth seat which lets one catch up on the latest TV programmes while having their meal.

Non-fixed seating was opted for the other side of the dining area so that they can be stowed away as required to increase floor space or reduce blockage of the television screen.

The other rooms take on a warmer tone with wooden flooring. A conducive feel is a necessary element for bedrooms as these are where the body relaxes and the mind soothes.

The study boasts a simple L shaped workspace with ample natural lighting helping one attain his fullest concentration with minimal distraction from the physical environment.

The bedroom features an elevated bed that sits snuggly next to the window. This allows creates an optical illusion of full height windows when one is lays down and looks outward.

Underneath the bed also holds storage cabinets that are designed to store a wide variety of personal effects.

The master bed is conveniently situated in front of a built-in wardrobe that allows for easy access to clothing and accessories.