Maximise Storage For 3 Bedroom Condo

Maximise Storage For 3 Bedroom Condo

Minimal floor area? Minimal storage space? Minimal worries. Witness how we creatively increase the storage area of this 3 bedroom condominium to meet our client needs.

As you can see, there are countless ways and ideas to increase your storage. One way that the designer team has managed to increase the storage is by employing countless of built in wardrobes, cabinets and other storage solutions. Mirrors are another trick they have used to visually increase the space.

In the bedroom, they’ve managed to add storage to every corner. Starting from the spot under the bed, the shelves next to the bed, and the built in wardrobe with a TV cabinet in it.

The trick is to maximize the space, and one way to do is with floor to ceiling wardrobes. There is no excuse to leave space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling. The space above the wardrobe is dead space anyway, so why not use it for additional storage.

Impressive work is done in the children room as well. The space under the bed fits all the toys, and we must say, they are many. Both children rooms look vibrant, lively and playfull.