Luminous And Wooded Inner Designs

Luminous And Wooded Inner Designs

This style of inside decorations for the house emanates a profound sense of peace and love from a well of feelings rooted in our connection to nature.

These mix the tendencies and needs of a person in the 21st century who still remains in touch with said roots. The surfaces are opaque yet at the same time reflecting colors in rich angles which give the whole place a vivacity that would otherwise be very hard to obtain in a man-made environment.

We might easily associate it with the Scandinavian tastes that mix an elegant futurism with an ancient naturalism.

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The bright and strong light entrances are particularly important to the Scandinavian aura of the place as a whole, seemingly bringing the person who inhabits the place to a different stage of consciousness.



The quality of the materials with which it is furnished, furthermore, ensure their lasting and enduring life, and therefore, a deeper attunement to the needs of a planet that does not need more waste. This is a design that is made to live with the world and the living beings in it.