The Love It Reason Behind Scandindustrial Design

The Love It Reason Behind Scandindustrial Design

aart boxx urban vista condo
Today’s concept explores the fresh new look of scandindustrial design. With industrial styles you can typically love it or hate it. Scandindustrial gives industrial style designs a facelift. Scandindustrial helps to warm and dress up the aesthetic trend of old, dark, worn out factories in the interior design world.

I want to specifically talk about the gorgeous look of a modern day scandindustrial unit. This is a two bedroom condominium where the owner clearly has received the right scandindustrial look. The designers have paired the modern neutral color pallets with natural looking raw wood creating the scandindustrial element.

aart boxx urban vista condo 2

My favorite part of the scandindustrial concept, and this specific unit, is the simplicity involved. In these living spaces we see simplicity at its finest. We also see how each and every piece has a specific function and design. No stone has been left unturned so to say. The designers have carefully laid out the accents and design placement.

In the living space my eyes go right to the focal point in the room being the warm brown stand shooting out off of the industrial wall. From there I quickly follow the brown color throughout the room, to the couch and back to the wall. I’ve done a full circle before I even feel as if I have covered the whole room. Looking more carefully I see the creative artwork on the wall behind the couch. That leads my eyes upward to the tract style lightening on the ceiling. I also can’t stop but wonder what is beyond those wall of blinds. My grumbling stomach also wonders what type of breakfast was eaten on that beautiful wooden table.

aart boxx urban vista condo 4
The design from the living space is carried over into the two most important spots in the unit, the bedrooms. A bedroom is not a place you want to come and feel overwhelmed you want peace and serenity and that is what you get in these rooms. The sheek design of both rooms would have me pouring a bottle of wine, picking up a design magazine and letting the problems of the day slip away.

aart boxx urban vista condo 3
Bottom line I don’t see the scandindustrial trend going away anytime soon, nor should it. If you are not a fan, learn to embrace it for its beauty and design. If you were already a fan of industrial design try out some new pieces that extend on the beautiful concept of scandindustrial, you can thank me later.