Loft Bed Design At Vertis

Loft Bed Design At Vertis

Featured here are some contemporary style low platform beds for apartments and lofts. Platform beds displayed here are with and without storage. They can be with or without headboards. However, none of them have footboards. They give sleek and modern look to the bedrooms.

Here you may notice that some of the platforms are built in. Extra luxurious plush mattresses with white cotton sheets and super soft pillows are placed on these platforms.

Such built in platform beds and minimum accessories made from natural elements create low profile zen like atmosphere suitable for sound sleep and relaxation.

Low height platform beds are appropriate for lofts with low ceilings. They can be even fixed in a corner of the living room. Built-in headboard or headboard matching with the rest of the cabinets in the bedroom gives a personalized look to the bedroom.

You can even personalize it further by hanging a wall art of your choice above the headboard.